Saturday, June 20, 2009

8- Dee: Guilt Struck

June 1 2009,

[11 AM - Shalayh]

While Azuz and I were getting something to eat and drink. Jay and Sa'ad were outside tanning. Well they were supposed to be, but I dont think thats all they did. I could never do what Jay does with Sa'ad and the other guys. I'm just not that open minded and comfortable with it as much as she is. I'm not saying i'm a complete angel, but lets just keep it at that I dont go as far as Jay does. When we finished getting refreshments I took 2 small bottles of orange juice from the fridge and sat on the counter waiting for Azuz to come out of the bathroom. When he did come out he walked over to me and stood infront of me. He held my hips and smiled.

Azuz: Gimmie a kiss.

Dee: *Kisses Azuz* Hehe, I love you.

Azuz: I love you 2!

Dee: Ready to go back out?

Azuz: Yup!

Dee: Can I have a piggy back ride? *smiling*

Azuz: *Laughs and turns around* All aboard the Aziz Ride!

Dee: YAAAAAY *goes on Azuz's back and kisses his head*

Azuz: Yalla reaadddyyyy?

Dee: Yeah! La la wait! The juice!

Azuz: Okay got it. Now readdyy?


Azuz: Hold on tight!

Azuz puts his hand under Dee's ass to support her and to make sure that she wouldn't fall. Then he starts running as fast as he could to outside. Once they were outside he throws the juice bottles next to where Jay and Sa'ad are laying down and continues to run towards the ba7ar. Dee couldn't stop laughing the whole way. She knew that he was about to throw her in the ba7ar, and she loved the thought. When they got there, just about when Azuz was gunna throw her in, he stops and changes the position so that Dee is now facing him. He kisses her gently and contiues to walk deeper and deeper. Until the water reached Dee's neck level. Dee just hugged him and held tight to him.

[On the beach]

Sa'ad: How's your head feeling?

Jay: It doesn't hurt, bas I just noticed that I cant swim cause of the bandage.

Sa'ad: Oh, bas that doesnt mean you cant go into the ba7ar.

Jay: Yeah, but I'd rather stay here and tan.

Sa'ad: Ok, whatever makes you comfortable.

Sa'ad felt that something was bothering Jay, but he just didn't know what. She was happy awhile ago. He thought to himself that maybe she was jealous of Dee and Azuz. But he brushed that thought out of his head, he knew Jay isn't the jealous type. He decided that when ever she feels like it, she'd tell him herself.

Jay couldn't get Ali out of her head. Not that she loved him, but she felt guilty for keeping it a secret from Sa'ad. She felt as though she had to tell him. Or the guilt will keep haunting her. She was afraid that if she told him her past, he'd hate her and end up leaving her. She decided that she wont tell him until she talks to Dee about what to do. She looked up to see Azuz and Dee attempting to float in the middle of the Sea. She started laughing at them.

Sa'ad: Shytha7ik?

Jay: Look. *Pointing towards Azuz and Dee*

Sa'ad: Aha. Are you ok?

Jay: Huh? Yeah why?

Sa'ad: It doesn't seem like it. You're acting weird and different.

Jay: Umm, la im fine.

Sa'ad: Whatever you say.

Jay knew she had to tell him very soon. She picked up her phone and messaged Dee.

Text Message Sent
To: Dee
Deeyoo! I need to talk to you! When you see this tell me!

Jay has a kind of bad memory, she tends to forget alot. So she knew this way she won't forget to talk to Dee about it. She put her head down, closed her eyes, and relaxed.


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

7- Jay: Glowing Happiness

June 1 2009,

[10 AM - Shalayh]

After ending things with Ali, I felt very relieved that I ended up falling asleep with my mobile in my hand. I just woke up to find 2 messages. One was from Sa'ad, who slept in the room next to mine(Dee and Azuz wouldn't let us sleep in the same room). And the 2nd was from Dee.

2 Text Messages Recieved

From: Sa'ad
7ayati, we tried knocking on your door but you wouldn't answer, so Dee thought we should just go ahead and tan and that you'd join us later on when you wake up.
Come out when you're up! Love you.

I don't get why it took me awhile to figure out that I actually love Sa'ad. He's sweet, handsome, funny and charming!

From: Dee
Morning Bitch! As soon as you see this come bara! We're already tanning. Haha im gunna be darker than you!!!

Hahaha! I love that crazy hoe! I dont know what I'd do without her in my life! She's like the sister I never had. I grew up with two brothers, so I used to try to act like them. But ever since I met Dee, we started playing like all little girls play, the whole dress ups, tea parties and all.

So I got up to go to the bathroom, washed up, wore my Short shorts with a tank top and headed outside. When I stepped outside, Dee was bil ba7ar with Azuz splashing water at each other and Sa'ad was laying own on a towel, earphones in ears, and eyes closed. So I walked towards him slowly, layed my towel next to him, and stood above his head. When he still didn't notice me, I bent down and kissed his forehead gently. He opened his left eye while squinting.

Jay: I love you too.

Sa'ad: Jaayy!

Jay: *giggles* Heyy.

He kept smiling while he watched me lay down on my towel, and take one of the earphones that he had on and put it in my ear. When I noticed it was a song I didn't like, I took the ipod from his hand and put Poker Face - Lady Gaga. I then closed my eyes. I felt Sa'ad turn to his side and face me. I could feel him staring at me. I loved the attention that I was getting from him, so I just smiled and starting soaking up the sun. After a couple of minutes, I felt his breath on my cheek, I opened my eyes to see him smiling naughtly at me. I pushed him, he fell back to laying down and I laughed.

Jay: *giggles* Sa'aaaaadd! I wanna tan first!

Sa'ad: Shinu ya3ni i cant give you a kiss?

Jay: Nope, not yet *winks*

Sa'ad: *Smiling* Minu gal 3ala kaifich? *he gave her a peck on the lips, smiled and layed back down* Wasn't hard now was it?

Jay: *blushing* Ass!

Dee notices me laying by the beach and comes running leaving Azuz to follow her.

Dee: Ahhh! Intay wainichh? How long have you been up?

Jay: Hehe kanii! Tawa like 5-10 mins ago.

Dee: Ohh. Inzain you HAVE to come to the ba7ar, its AMAZINNNGG!

Jay: Gimmie like 30 mins, I wanna taaaan!!!

Dee: Fine bitch! Azuz you wanna get something to eat from inside?

Azuz: Ee yalla imshay.

As soon as they went inside, I quickly sat on Sa'ad's stomach and smiled at him. He opened his eyes and held my hips, as soon as we were gunna start making out. Dee comes out running.

Dee: Ha tabun, um okayy, seriously get a room.

Jay: *I get off of Sa'ad and lay back down* Jeez! You always have to interrupt!

Dee: Haday haday! I was just gunna ask if you want anything to drink!

Jay: Ohh, Orange Juice please.

Sa'ad: Same. Thanks!

Dee: Yeah sure. W you guys please bitsawun ayshay, go inside. People can see you.

Both: Its not like we care. *Start laughing*


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6- Jay: New Page

June 1 2009,


It's past midnight, everyone's asleep, but I can't seem to fall asleep. I've been tossing and turning around in bed for the past 2 hours. It the first time that a guy makes me feel like this. I think i might actually love Sa'ad. Although im not the committing type, I think i finally found the guy that makes me happy, and im willing to be committed to him. I hope he feels the same way about me. The way he acts shows that he really cares. I remember his face as soon as i opened my eyes, he was so happy his face was beaming. Having him next to me makes me feel safe and secure.

*Buzzz Buzzz*
Text Message Recieved
From: Ali
Hey sugar, where you at?

I think I need to do this now. Thats it. Im not the girl i was before. I'm starting a new page with Sa'ad. My Sa'ad.

Text Message Sent
Ali, this is over, I cant keep on doing this.

*Buzzz Buzzz*
Text Message Recieved

From: Ali
Doing what? Minu gal aku shay baina? You're just another girl to me.

Text Message Sent
To: Ali
Even better, then stop talking to me, I dont want anything to do with you.

*Buzzz Buzzz* Text Message Recieved
From: Ali
Hahaayyyy, What? You actually think I care? 7abebti 3andi malyun wa7da '3airich.

And I actually thought I liked him. I'm glad I realized this now, before it was too late.

Text Message Sent
To: Ali
Good, Bye.

I feel much better now, as if I had weights on my shoulders and they've finally been taken off. Now I know how Dee feels about Azuz. I used to make fun of how she was inlove with him. How she smiles at the mention of his name, or how her heart beats faster when she talks to him, and how she feels as if she's on top of the world when she's in his arms. This is exactly how I am with Sa'ad. I'm happy for the both of us. Things are actually starting to be good for us.


Pants. Xx

Monday, June 8, 2009

5- Dee: Hospital

May 31 2009,

We got to 3adan hospital not knowing what to do. I was a little bit dizzy but I managed to walk properly then sit on the plastic chairs. I looked at everyone. Studied every one's face. It was all in slow motion. I could see Azuz running around to find a doctor and Sa'ad carrying Jay while screaming his head off to grab attention. The weird thing was that I didn't see any doctors. They were all nurses. Male nurses in fact. They were running around screaming and no one payed attention to Sa'ad carrying Jay in his arms. Sa'ad found an empty bed and placed Jay on it very carefully making sure she was on her left side and not on her back. Incase there was some damage in her skull. Sa'ad was very calm, as I heared from Jay that hes not the calm type of person, he always screams and gives orders and his orders should be obeyed or else something bad will happen. But I don't see that right now, in fact he's more calm than Azuzi. Sa'ad tried talking to some of the nurses but they kept on ignoring him, Azuz helped him too. Suddenly out of no where Sa'ad holds one of the nurses from his collar and started screaming so loud that everyone, and I mean everyone froze and started to stare.

Ya 7mar!! 3alejha shuf shfeha? Yallah!

Asif u5oy bs magdar ana ajes.ha. Lazim eldoctor.

W wayn eldoctor el kalb hatha? Ha? Red 3alay!!

Eldoctors kelhum eb 3amalya il7een, you have to wait.

Sa'ad: *Still holding him from his collar*
I wait shkethr??

About 2 hours.

Sa'ad: *punched the nurse*

Azuz opened his mouth, in shock. He didnt know Sa'ad can be that violent, and ... STRONG! The nurse fell on the floor holding his nose. Sa'ad bent down to hit him one more time, but thank god Azuz stopped him. Azuz told him that he will talk to one of the doctors to examine her. And if you don't know, Azuz has his own ways.

Azuz took Jay and told us *me and Sa'ad* to stay and not move.

[30 minutes later]

Azuz comes back with a huge smile on his face.

Ayal 9aydaaaaat!


Dee: Kalamt il doctor?

Azuz: 6la3 eldoctor mn il3amalya for a break w kalamta w shafha. Gal ina the good thing ina mafi nazeef da5eli w ina she bumped her head w she'll wake up ba3d shwai 7a6alaha drip w madri shnw w gal take her home.

Sa'ad: Ya3ni mafehhaa shayyy?

Mafeha te6amaaan!

Dee: YAAAYYY! *does a little dance*

Sa'ad: 7imdillaaaaaah.. Allah 7fath.ha!

Azuz: Hahaa Dee stop, we're in public!

Dee: Hehe. Ahh Thank God!! So do we get back to the shalayh now? I'm hungry. Can we stop by McDonalds?

Azuz: Yeah sure 7ayati. W Inshallah te97a Jay.

Sa'ad: *took Jay from Azuz*
Ehh inshallah.

And she did wake up on our way to McDonalds!!

Sa'ad: Jay? 7ABEEBTI?

7ayati? Where are we?

Sa'ad: You fell off the jetski and hit your head and we took you to the hospital. W now you're awake!

Jay: Am I okay? *touches her head*
Aaaaa7777 shinu hathaa?!

Sa'ad: Yes 7abeebti you are okay! Thats where you hit your head on the rock.

Jay: *sat up straight*
Ohh Thank God!

Sa'ad pulled Jay closer to him and kissed her on her forehead, she then raised her face and starred into his eyes and told him that she loved him. Sa'ad kissed her again, this time really hard he pressed his lips against hers while holding her face very gently. He then put her in his lap and continued on kissing her. But I *Dee* kept on looking at them. Usually I'd scream ewww. But this time I just looked at them and a smile crept on my face. It was love that I was seeing. It was filled with love, passion, and strong emotions. It wasn't like any other kiss. I'm sure. I think they just found out that they are truly, very deeply in love.


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

4- Dee: The incident

May 31 2009,

[In the shalayh]

Azuz: Baby, Sa'ad and Jay are in the guest bedroom, would they do anything they're not supposed to do?

Dee: Maybe, anyways lets go Jet-Ski!

Azuz: Yalla, I'll go get the Jet Ski's out while you get ready.

Dee: I am ready, I just need to get my shorts on w I'll tell Jay and Sa'ad ina we're gunna jet ski, maybe they'll join.

Azuz: Yeah ok. Be careful, you wouldn’t want to hear or see anything you'd regret! Hahaha!

Dee: Haha okay!

[Azuz leaves, Dee gets dressed and goes to the guest room]

Dee: *knocks*

Sa'ad: Ohooo!

Jay: Ifff, WHAT?

Dee: Jeeezz, Chill man, Azuz and I are going to Jet Skii, you guys wanna join?

Sa'ad: In awhile! Lemme take a cold shower first.

Jay: *giggles* Yalla I'll get my clothes on and come. You guys go ahead.

Dee: *rolls eyes and whispers* Whore.


Dee: Haha you are one!

[Azuz and Dee are Jet Skiing]
[Sa’ad and Jay just get out of the house]

Sa’ad: Jay How bout you ride behind me?

Jay: But I wanted to drive my own!

Sa’ad: La la, ride behind me, akhaf 3alaich, w libsay il life jacket just like Dee.

Jay: Fine, bas promise you’ll let me drive later?

Sa’ad: *holds Jay closer and kisses her* I promise.

[Jay sits behind Sa’ad]

Sa’ad and Azuz, the competitive guys they are, decided to race.

Dee: Azuzii, I don’t wanna stay behind you while you race, can you take me next to the shore?

Azuz: I was just gunna tell you the same thing. *kisses Dee’s forehead*

[Azuz drops Dee next to the shore]

Dee: Be careful! I love you.

Azuz: Inshallah, I love you too.

Jay decides to stay behind Sa’ad, even though he asked her not to. But she insists that she wants to be apart of the race.

On the third lap, while Sa’ad was swerving next to a huge rock, Jay falls off the Jet Ski, and her head hits the rock. Good thing she had the life jacket on since it kept her floating.


By that time Sa’ad had already pulled Jay up to the Jet Ski, and was heading to the shore. Dee started to cry hysterically. Azuz went to the shore and was standind next to Dee waiting for Sa'ad.

Dee: Laa! Is she okay? Is she breathing? Is she conscious?

Dee was following Sa'ad as he carried her to the shore and layed her down.

Sa’ad: Aziz wakhir hathy 3ani shwaya!

Azuz: Dee come here, calm down okay? She’s gunna be okay.

Dee: *crying* Laa, laa. She’s not awake. We have to take her to the hospital. OMG her head, it has a bump and its bleeding. Oh shit.

Dee fainted and Azuz held her before she fell.

Azuz: Imsh imsh, lets take them to the hospital.

[On the ride to the hospital]

Dee: Hmm, Azuz?

Azuz: Baby you’re up!

Dee: Where’s Jay? Where are we going?

Sa’ad: She’s in the back. We're taking you two to the hospital.

Azuz: Yeah, Dee I think you should call your mom and Jay’s mom and tell them you’re sleeping over at a friends.

Dee: Ok, where’s my mobile?

Azuz: I put it next to you.

Dee: Oh found it *dialing mama*

Mama: Hala 7abebti wainich?

Dee: Hi mama, Bebe, Jay and I are going to a cafĂ©, w ba3dain we’re gunna sleep at Bebe’s ok?

Mama: Ok, Take care mama, but don’t forget to tell your dad, tomorrow is his day. Oh and Jay’s mom 3indina now.

Dee: Eh inzain, then can you tell her that Jay’s sleeping at Bebe’s too?

Mama: She says ok.

Dee: Thanks. Yalla bye.

Azuz: Yalla Sa’ad get Jay wi9alna.


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Monday, June 1, 2009

3- Dee: Snogging Extraveganza

May 31 2009,


Where is coach Sa'ad?

He's with the girls. The lesson will finish in 15 minutes.

Thanks. Dee Imshay lets sit on the sofas.

Ewww! Im guna sit on the floor wayed a7san. They're Soaking.

They're wet.

Dee: Just like your pussy!

Oh yes!

I sat on the cold floor while Jay sat on the WET sofas. A hot dude comes in. I stand up.


Jay: Sa'udiii.

I can not believe what Jay is doing right now. Shes hugging him. She's not letting go.



Ohh thank God the lobby is empty.

Still hugging!

Omg did he just grab her ass?

I dont care if shes guna slap me in the face bs im goin to, I HAVE TO!

Ouuuchh! What did you do that for? Give me my Shaba9a back!

Here you go. So are you guna introduce me?

Jay: *Tying her hair again*
Sa'ad this is my friend Dee. Dee Sa'ad.

Shlunich Dee?

Tamaam. Inta?

Sa'ad: Bkhair Allah ysalmich. Yallah banat imshaw el pool. Its empty now.

We went to the huuuge pool. Sa'ad said its an Olympic swimming pool. Not that i know what that means. Jay and Sa'ad went off to the changing rooms. I bet shes stripping for him right now. Im just guna call Azuz and tell him to come.

[15 Minutes later - Azuz enters the pool area]

Azuz: *Looking at Jay and Sa'ad making out in the pool*


Is he fingering her? Cause shes moaning.

Malik she'3il fehum! Imsh ne6la3.

Azuz: Laa mabi! Laish ma you get undressed and jump into the pool. *wiggles eyebrows*

Dee: With Sa'ad in there?

Ykhaaasiii! Y6la3 barah.


Intay w Jay bs. Some lesbo porn!!

Dee: Estaaa7!

Azuz: So where do you wana go baby?

Dee: BA7AR!

Ba7ar? Ka ilpool jdamich! Lazim ba7ar 3ashan tetzale6ain w talbesele bikini jdam ilshabab?
La badsh ib my shorts w polo. Wallah.


Dee: I feel like jetskiing.

Khalas, our shalayh is empty now, ill just call il guard ou tell him ina im coming. Intay gulay 7ag Jay w 9a7ebha ele shwai w takla. Hahaha.

Jayy! Jaaaaaaaayyy!

Jay: Haaa?

Dee: Imshay intay w Sa'ad we're goin to Azuz's shalayh.

Sa'ad: Wain shalayha?


Okay ana al7agkum ib sayarti.

Dee: Okayy good.

Azuz: Yallah 7ayati, ready?

Ehh. And btw jay and Sa'ad are coming.

Azuz: *Spanks me on my ass*
Yal shay6ana, knt abi bru7na.

Dee: *Giggles*
Bs inta gltli agolohum ina..

I didnt get to finish my sentence cause he pushed me in to one of the dressing rooms. He started with a gentle kiss, which turned into a more passionate one. He was rough. I like it when he's like that. He whispered A7ibich in my ear and started nibbiling on them. Ahhh.. Now I'm wet!


Pants. Xx

2- Jay: Shaving My Vee.

May 31 2009,

Since our car is a black Range Rover, Rafeeg looks very funny bldaba. Im 16 and I drive better than my mom. She drives like a loon, while Dee drives like a lunatic. No difference I guess.

[Driving to the nadi]

Guess what?

Dee: Hmm?

I shaved my Vee

Dee: Omg.

Yup! The whole thing babe.

Dee: Mabruk? But.. Why?

I wanna look hot in my bikini today.

Havent you always worn a bikini.

Not infront on Sa'ad. I dont want to scare him with my hairy vee.

You scare me ana bs, right?

Jay: Yup. You get exposed to alot of stuff. Mt3awda.

Mnich intay met3awda!

(Well we've been friends for almost 7 years now, we're practically sisters!)

Im guna look HOOOTT!!

Dee: What bout ur karsha? Shlun bet5shenha?

Chub yal kalba! Im not the one with the stretch marks!

Dee: Chub! Atleast.. Atleast they barely show!

Jay: We both look hot. We have karshas but tiny ones. Well, mine is. Yours is like another ass. Haha.

Chub! Bitch..

Jay: Wa7da eb wa7da. Bs we both look hot wallah! All we have to do is suck them in.


I want you to meet my Sex God!


Maaan, when he feels me up.

Dee: Aha.

When he presses my boobs against his chest. Ahhhhhh.

Dee: Stop touching your boobs, your scaring the little kids! And you should stop the whole moaning thing in public.

Jay: The best part is when he ..

Dee: Jay! You can stop now..

Jay: When he puts his hands on my ..


Jay: What??

Dee: Bss! Im not interested in your sexual.. err.. love life!

You're just jealous. You have 1 BF, While I have 2.

Slut. Atleast I'm commited! And i actually love him!

If by slut you mean living my life and rubbing my Vee against a guy's dick, then thanks! Cause i Enjoy-ayy it!


So tell me, what did you and Azuz do in the car?


Some ear nibbiling and neck sucking?

Dee: Yuupp!

When I remember how Sa'ad sucks my neck i get hornyy.

Dee: You're ALWAYS horny.

Jay: I know, right? Weird.

Nope. You're always horny. All the time. I bet your poor pussy is suffering. 2 BFs arent enough for you, I think you should start looking for the 3rd hun.

I think 2 are enough. One is for the actual

Btw, I was JK.

Jay: I7im! Ahh i knw?

Dee: Mhmm Suree!


Pants. Xx