Saturday, June 20, 2009

8- Dee: Guilt Struck

June 1 2009,

[11 AM - Shalayh]

While Azuz and I were getting something to eat and drink. Jay and Sa'ad were outside tanning. Well they were supposed to be, but I dont think thats all they did. I could never do what Jay does with Sa'ad and the other guys. I'm just not that open minded and comfortable with it as much as she is. I'm not saying i'm a complete angel, but lets just keep it at that I dont go as far as Jay does. When we finished getting refreshments I took 2 small bottles of orange juice from the fridge and sat on the counter waiting for Azuz to come out of the bathroom. When he did come out he walked over to me and stood infront of me. He held my hips and smiled.

Azuz: Gimmie a kiss.

Dee: *Kisses Azuz* Hehe, I love you.

Azuz: I love you 2!

Dee: Ready to go back out?

Azuz: Yup!

Dee: Can I have a piggy back ride? *smiling*

Azuz: *Laughs and turns around* All aboard the Aziz Ride!

Dee: YAAAAAY *goes on Azuz's back and kisses his head*

Azuz: Yalla reaadddyyyy?

Dee: Yeah! La la wait! The juice!

Azuz: Okay got it. Now readdyy?


Azuz: Hold on tight!

Azuz puts his hand under Dee's ass to support her and to make sure that she wouldn't fall. Then he starts running as fast as he could to outside. Once they were outside he throws the juice bottles next to where Jay and Sa'ad are laying down and continues to run towards the ba7ar. Dee couldn't stop laughing the whole way. She knew that he was about to throw her in the ba7ar, and she loved the thought. When they got there, just about when Azuz was gunna throw her in, he stops and changes the position so that Dee is now facing him. He kisses her gently and contiues to walk deeper and deeper. Until the water reached Dee's neck level. Dee just hugged him and held tight to him.

[On the beach]

Sa'ad: How's your head feeling?

Jay: It doesn't hurt, bas I just noticed that I cant swim cause of the bandage.

Sa'ad: Oh, bas that doesnt mean you cant go into the ba7ar.

Jay: Yeah, but I'd rather stay here and tan.

Sa'ad: Ok, whatever makes you comfortable.

Sa'ad felt that something was bothering Jay, but he just didn't know what. She was happy awhile ago. He thought to himself that maybe she was jealous of Dee and Azuz. But he brushed that thought out of his head, he knew Jay isn't the jealous type. He decided that when ever she feels like it, she'd tell him herself.

Jay couldn't get Ali out of her head. Not that she loved him, but she felt guilty for keeping it a secret from Sa'ad. She felt as though she had to tell him. Or the guilt will keep haunting her. She was afraid that if she told him her past, he'd hate her and end up leaving her. She decided that she wont tell him until she talks to Dee about what to do. She looked up to see Azuz and Dee attempting to float in the middle of the Sea. She started laughing at them.

Sa'ad: Shytha7ik?

Jay: Look. *Pointing towards Azuz and Dee*

Sa'ad: Aha. Are you ok?

Jay: Huh? Yeah why?

Sa'ad: It doesn't seem like it. You're acting weird and different.

Jay: Umm, la im fine.

Sa'ad: Whatever you say.

Jay knew she had to tell him very soon. She picked up her phone and messaged Dee.

Text Message Sent
To: Dee
Deeyoo! I need to talk to you! When you see this tell me!

Jay has a kind of bad memory, she tends to forget alot. So she knew this way she won't forget to talk to Dee about it. She put her head down, closed her eyes, and relaxed.


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